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Backtagging: I'm totally down!
Threadjacking: Go for it!
Fourthwalling: I MEAN... IT SEEMS UNLIKELY... so probs not.
Offensive subjects: I'm cool with whatever as long as you're not being an asshole about it.

Hugging: I highly advise against it but if you're okay with starting a fight, go for it.
Kissing: I really highly advise against it, but again, if you're okay with consequences, go ahead.
Flirting: I mean... sure???
Fighting: Inevitable, most likely.
Injuring: Fuck him up. Though I would prefer to discuss just so I know what's coming.
Killing: I would prefer to discuss this one!
Telepathy/Mind Reading: If you really want to, sure.

Warnings: Kaz is kind of an amoral jackass. He's rude to literally everyone, and he can and will murder people sometimes. There's some really gross (like medical/dead people gross) shit in his backstory if that would ever come up. If you'd prefer not to have anything to do with one or more of these things, let me know! I won't be offended, promise.
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Name: Leucrotta (Leu)

Age: 28

Contact: leucrotta @ plurk

Preferred Pronouns: She/her is fine

Other Characters: N/A


Name: Kaz Brekker aka Dirtyhands (real name Kaz Rietveld)

Age: 20 (canon age +3)

Memory Option: 1 (deteriorating partial AU)

Established Status: Yes, 3 years. During this time, Kaz has worked to establish both his reputation and his information network(s) in Old Town.

Canon: Six of Crows Duology

Canon Point: Just after the events of Crooked Kingdom (so, the end)

Citizenship: Old Town, Westerley. Officially Kaz Rietveld is dead; Kaz Brekker is a fake identity.

Job: Info Broker/Gangster/Thief-for-hire

Abilities: Kaz has no superhuman/magic abilities, but he does have A Very Particular Set of Skills.

Lockpicking: In canon, Kaz claims he can pick any lock. This might well be a bluff, (see below,) but if it is, it’s never properly called. The fact is that he’s an excellent lockpick and safe cracker, learning new locks as they hit market by acquiring and dismantling them to study their innards. In OverJoyed this will mean he’s well-versed in electronic locks as well as manual ones.

Sleight of Hand: Kaz is an exceptional thief, both on the large scale and the small. He got his start by picking pockets, and he certainly still can, but he can also do card/coin tricks and practical (non-magic) illusions, stash things on people without them being the wiser, and switch objects even under watchful eyes. And yes, while wearing gloves. It’s ridiculous.

Escape Artist: A combination of the previous two skills. Kaz is very difficult to keep in a room, or handcuffed, or generally restrained. He’s a slippery customer, and if he can’t wriggle his way out, odds are he’s got a set of lockpicks or two stashed on his person to assist in the attempt.

Poker Face: Kaz has like every bluff modifier in the book. If he has a tell while lying, it’s gotta be damn hard to detect, and he’s got such a reputation for pulling off impossible things that even those close to him (to use that as a relative term) don’t often know when he’s bluffing or what he’s thinking. Basically he can lie with a completely straight face and keep his composure under most dire circumstances (there are exceptions, more on that later).

Street Fighter: He has no formal training, but Kaz knows his way around a fight. He’s scrappy, but has no finesse. To quote him on his own "style", he practices "the art of 'pull his shirt over his head and punch till you see blood'". A decent shot, he’s also capable of using knives and, of course, his cane, with which he is extremely proficient. The cane was made for fighting, and he knows what pressure points to hit with it. He’ll use his fists, too, but preferably only with his gloves on. I wouldn’t say he’s in the same class as highly trained warriors, but he plays dirty and he has a violent reputation for a reason.

Chessmaster: Kaz is a schemer, known for having not only a detailed plan for every occasion, but several backups, and backups for the backups. He thinks through every possibility for failure and tries to cast a wide enough net of countermeasures that his success will be ensured. He’s (almost) always several steps ahead, or at least that’s the illusion he gives off, both out of a mixture of his intensive pre-planning and his ability to quickly devise an alternate route. In canon, one of the other characters calls him demjin (demon), because of his almost supernatural ability to predict what other people will do before they do it.

Mathemagician: This isn’t really magic I just wanted to make a joke. Kaz is great with numbers and has a good memory for them. He does most of the figures for his gang’s income entirely in his head.


To make a long story short: Kaz is not a good person. Since his childhood ended abruptly at ten, he’s made a living doing terrible things, and has built up a reputation to match. Those on the streets know him as a ruthless, cunning, dangerous person, and that’s not at all far from the truth.

His most defining character traits are probably, paradoxically, his spite and his level head. Kaz is an angry, angry person, a carefully contained maelstrom of fury and violence wrapped in an unsettlingly calm exterior. Like if you took a hurricane and somehow made it inside out. On the surface level, he appears to be a cold, calculating creature, giving away nothing he doesn’t want others to see. He seems confident in nearly every situation, unflappable even with a gun pressed to his chest or a fire fight raging around him. He remains at ease, unflinching. This goes for the things he does as well as the things he finds himself faced with; they don’t call him Dirtyhands for nothing. He’s made a name for himself as someone willing to take any job, do any task, regardless of the ethical issues or the difficulty involved. He’s a thief, a con man, a liar, a killer. Merciless and efficient, practically amoral. At least, that’s his persona.

But this self-control does not come easily, and it’s not entirely genuine. Yes, Kaz is all of those things, but that’s not all he is. Underneath the still waters is a raging river, and it sometimes rears its head when least expected. In a rougher line of work, weakness isn’t tolerated, and more often than not, it ruins your reputation and gets you killed. Kaz has worked very hard to perfect his dangerous image, and any cracks in that armor tend to send him spiraling. If he runs out of tricks or plans on a job, if his physical and mental limitations get the better of him, or if he fears he’s becoming too emotionally attached to someone, he has a tendency to lash out or completely withdraw. Basically, if he feels vulnerable, he’ll get nasty. When he’s on his game, he’s excellent at what he does. Throwing him off isn’t easy, but manage it, and he’ll have a difficult time recovering without someone else to snap him out of it. In short, he’s a fortress built on unsolid foundations.

To speak more on those unsolid foundations, what Kaz views as his weaknesses are not only physical, (he has a pronounced limp in his right leg from an old injury,) but mental, as well. In his canon, and presumably on Westerley as well, there isn’t a lot of great psychiatric care for people like him, but it’s not a stretch to say he has something like PTSD from certain events in his past. He has a Thing about being touched, especially if the contact is skin on skin, and for this reason he always covers himself and wears gloves. Touching people fills him with fear and physical revulsion, and makes him remember things he’d rather not. If the contact is minor, such as a hand on his sleeve, he’s more likely to get angry or violent, but if there is prolonged or forceful contact, he can get so overwhelmed that he freezes up or even passes out. Being surrounded by other human bodies is the worst. As stated, he does hide this phobia pretty well, (usually with threats,) but just the knowledge that it exists, that it could cause him serious problems at any time, frustrates him endlessly. As a way to combat anyone finding out about this fear, he’s sort of built up a mythos that there’s something actively wrong with his hands- scars, spooky bloodstains, demon claws. That sort of thing. As he tries to do with all of his shortcomings, he’s made an attempt to weaponize it.

And then, aside from the fear, there’s the issue of his anger. Kaz’s primary motivator in life is his hatred, his need for vengeance against one particular person, and his willingness to tear down anything that gets in his way. This has gone so far that there are times when he has a slight break from reality, when he actually hears the voice of his dead brother demanding justice. Even beyond wanting to, he believes he Must do this in order to let his brother rest in peace. His anger can become so all-consuming that he actually loses his cultivated calm around the object of his wrath. Kaz will keep to any deal he makes, but cross him, and he’ll make it his life’s work to destroy you.

And just to complete the trifecta of “things Kaz considers his weaknesses”, the opposite of fear and loathing: trust. Kaz is a nasty dude when it comes to people he hates, but it is, in fact, possible to get closer to him. Since his particular brand of crime (cons, dealing in secrets, etc.) requires other people to fetch him information and assist him in completing jobs, he’s grown reliant on certain folks, as much as he’d never admit it. Namely this includes Inej, but it’s certainly not impossible for him to make other friends. Good luck figuring out you’re his friend, though, because like literally everything else, Kaz keeps his affection to himself. It’s less what he does to show he cares than what he allows the people he trusts to do. Like, be near him and talk back to him. And possibly put a hand on his shoulder. Big deals.

As for why this is a weakness, beyond the obvious "feelings are hard and gross", it's because, much like when faced with the object of his revenge, Kaz can get a little unhinged when the people he cares about are put in danger. At least, possibly-deadly danger. Danger that isn't part of the plan. Try to kill someone he cares about and he's very likely to attempt swift and reckless payback, assuming the perpetrator is within reach. And if they're out of arm's length, see above notation re: "making it his life's work to destroy you". Basically he doesn't always think straight when his friends are seriously jeopardized.

Which brings us to the fact that despite being mostly amoral, Kaz is capable of positive things. Mostly he's is an asshole, but he can be almost magnanimous. It’s just exceptionally rare. If he thinks a person has been completely unjustly wronged or is stuck in a terrible position (much like, say, he was once,) and/or if he has some reason to care about them specifically, there’s a chance he’ll do something that might be misconstrued as actually nice. Things like giving a person a place to stay, offering protection, things like that. He’ll often “justify” this by making the other person agree to work for him, or having them owe him a favor or several, but there are some cases where it seems like he’s just actually trying to do a good thing. To go into some canon details, he pays off Inej’s “indenture” to a brothel using his gang’s money. In theory she’ll have to work for them to pay it off, but he does give her the option to say no, and he makes sure her new contract is in her native language so she can understand it. It’s not an entirely selfless gesture, he absolutely has ulterior motives, but he definitely goes out of his way to help a specific person. In another example, he once more goes out of his way to ensure that his enemy’s fortune doesn’t simply burn, but rather lands in the hands of his disenfranchised son.

Despite his overall shark-like demeanor, he’s still just barely not a kid, and sometimes that shows up. He does have a sense of humor, for instance, though it tends to be a bit on the snarky side and sort of downright mean from time to time. But there are moments when he jokes around about stupid stuff like eating waffles and being so theoretically future rich that you can pay someone to pay someone to burn your money for you. The joking around camaraderie thing really only shows up for those who’ve earned at least a little of his trust, though (although the mean kind can apply to anyone). Most of the time, he’s way too mature for his age.

In an attempt to add to that whole “wiser than his years” reputation, Kaz has a bit of a flair for the dramatic. He dresses sharply in all black, is rumored to have started rumors about himself (rumorception), and definitely puts on a show of being incredibly cynical and hardcore. He says dramatic one-liners and dispenses with sort of morally grey advice to his associates, and at one point even gives a rousing speech (it was part of a plan, but still). Someone in canon refers to him mockingly as “philosopher crook”, and they aren’t wrong. It’s all just more of that whole personal legend he’s trying to uphold.

Speaking of which, close to him or not (or what passes for it), most people aren’t privy to just how much of that is fabrication. If it were up to him, no one would ever know that Kaz Brekker can be funny or is capable of doing good things. As it stands, no one ever seems to know what he’s thinking, or what his plans are. Even the people he’s on a job with. While they’re enacting the said plans. It can be a problem. He plays everything so close to the chest that when things go terribly wrong, or even terribly right, his crew can’t tell which it is. The good thing about this is that when he successfully corrects a problem through quick thinking, he looks like he planned it all along. The bad thing is that when he can’t, the illusion of control is further shattered. And also things go terribly awry, probably.

Speaking of plans, that’s something we should definitely talk about. In any job, Kaz is the mastermind. He makes the plans, and he’s good at what he does. This is partially because of his good memory, but mostly because of his almost Sherlockian skill at reading people and predicting their actions. Contrary to popular belief (which he has, himself, perpetuated,) he can’t actually read minds or see into the future. Instead, he simply puts multiple plans into action at once and includes countermeasures for as many possibilities as he can think of. He’s like a living embodiment of the Boyscout mantra: “be prepared”. That’s not to say his success is a result of simply throwing a lot of things at the wall and having one stick- he’s genuinely cunning and observant enough to get it right the first time in most instances. But he’s also a meticulous planner and hates the idea of someone getting the better of him. As another relevant note, he’s incredibly adaptable. If a job throws him a curveball, he can often think his way out of it and remain a step ahead. That is, assuming the curveball isn’t the object of his vengeance or lots of people touching him, or something.

So, in summary:

Kaz is not a good person, but he’s not entirely bad. He’s capable of not-bad things, even if he usually has ulterior motives for doing them and they’re usually only done for people he actually likes. He’s almost eerily level-headed unless something knocks him off balance. A monster with weaknesses that he hides in plain sight. Does not handle slights and betrayals well. Is willing to do really awful shit. Overall an angry garbage fire of a person, but a very smart one.

AU History: Gonna keep this pretty close to his canon history, which is linked below.

- Kaz’s family were temporary farm workers on Leith and made a modest amount of money doing it.
Unfortunately, his mother died when Kaz was young, and his father was killed in an accident, leaving his teenage brother Jordie in charge. Kaz was 10 at the time.
- Jordie and Kaz came back to Westerley, to Old Town. Jordie had aspirations of owning a business there, but he fell in with a con man and lost everything. He and Kaz became homeless.
- At about this time, a brief plague outbreak swept through Old Town. Both brothers got sick, but only Jordie died from it. Kaz survived, but barely, and was mistaken for dead by those who came to collect the corpses for disposal.
- When he woke up after his sickness, Kaz was out in the Badlands with a bunch of rotting dead people and no way home. He waited for rescue, but rescue never came, so he was forced to find his way back to Old Town by himself.
- On his return, he vowed revenge against the con man who left he and his brother for dead. The con man turned out to be a gang boss, untouchable to a street urchin. So Kaz decided to drag himself up to his level.
- He started his criminal career with mugging and pickpocketing, then graduated to taking jobs as a thief. At some point in those days, he fell off a roof during a job and gained a permanent leg injury.
- He eventually signed on with a gang called the Dregs. They were kind of a loser gang, but as Kaz rose quickly through their ranks, he sort of hauled them up with him to at least some prominence.
- Two years ago, Kaz used the gang’s money to pay off the illegal “contract” of a girl named Inej Ghafa from a black market brothel. In exchange, she now works for him as part of his spy/info gathering network.
- Kaz has spent the last three years in Old Town building his dangerous reputation and expanding his network of spies, informants, and paid-off officials. He’s currently running the Dregs, essentially, though he’s not actually the boss.
- He’s still working on that whole revenge thing, also.


Original History:

There wasn’t a (good) wiki reference for this, so I wrote my own, which can be found here. It’s long, I apologize, but I thought it perhaps unlikely that most people would be canon familiar.

- A very nice black suit. The fancy kind with a vest and everything. He absolutely stands out for dressing like a goth businessman while living in a slum, but you know. Flair for the dramatic and all that.
- His cane. In canon it was created via magic, but that’s really not necessary, especially in a world with advanced machining. It’s an actual ambulation device, he does legitimately need it, but it’s also a weapon. It’s made of wood and features a crow’s head at the top with a very sharp beak. It also has a lead core to make it pack a punch and keep it from snapping. Getting hit with it at full force can break bones.
- Two (2) knives. Kaz apparently always has at least two knives on his person. The only thing that should change about them would be how they were made- with future tech as opposed to early 1900s tech.
- Lockpicks. They’re just pieces of metal with weird notches and bends to a casual observer.
- His gloves. Kaz is basically always wearing a pair of these, even when he sleeps. He normally only takes them off to wash his hands. They are black, unlined, and made of leather, with tiny little slashes in the fingertips so he has an easier time with sleight of hand.

Samples: I wrote up TDM starters here, but since I was unexpectedly busy this week they didn't really go far. (Oops!) I also have an incredibly short thread on a castmate's starter here. If you need more samples let me know!

Miscellaneous Notes: His PB is Ezra Miller. I’ve tried not to use too many icons from any one movie/show, but I haven’t actually seen most of what Ezra Miller has been in, so I’m not sure where/if there’s too much overlap. If there are too many icons from one thing, let me know and I can switch them out asap.

ALSO noting a thing here:
In canon it’s never stated (not even once, in almost a thousand pages) which of Kaz’s legs got broken when he was young. I’m going to almost arbitrarily pick the right leg, mostly because that’s the leg I have a bad knee on, so I’ll be able to remember easier. I would provide some kind of canon justification for this, but there really is none. The author honestly just doesn’t say. Oops.

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